Events 1& 2 Of The SCOOP; Isaac Baron Takes One Down
April 3, 2022

It didn't take long for a well established pro to win an event in the PokerStars Spring Championship Of Online Poker, in fact it took just one day. 

Event #1 of the SCOOP consisted of three, 6-max NL Hold 'em rebuy tournaments with buy-ins of $5.50, $55 and $530 respectively.  The middle event, the $55, saw 4,057 entrants rebuy and add-on like mad, to create a total prize pool worth $641,350 (surpassing the posted guarantee by more than $400,000).

First prize of that $55 tournament paid $97,805.88 and was taken down by online monster Issac "westmenloAA" Baron, after nearly 17 hours of play, according to the official PokerStars blog (

Top Results For Day 1 of the PokerStars Spring Championship Of Online Poker were as follows:

 Event #1

$5.50+Rebuys 6-Max NLHE
    1st.  Eetu100- $41,562.77
    2nd.  MrWhite- $29,364.53
    3rd.  bakter9- $17,401.21

$55+Rebuys 6-Max NLHE
    1st.  westmenloAA- $97,805.88
    2nd.  KidCardiff6- $70,548.51
    3rd.  prinzprosper- $51,308.01

$530+Rebuys 6-Max NLHE
    1st.  BongBob- $191,135.00
    2nd.  AceSpades11- $175,000.00
    3rd.  MrTile- $113,723.75

Event #2

$11 PL Omaha Hi/Lo
    1st.  thehoffa- $9,945.26
    2nd.  -$eG mAsTeR-- $8,500.00
    3rd.  leonardop4- $5,487.85

$109 PL Omaha Hi/Lo
    1st.  Sdouble- $33,664.00
    2nd.  EDWARDHOPPER- $25,248.00
    3rd.  SmileGodLuvs- $18,325.84

$1,050 PL Omaha Hi/Lo
    1st.  finsfan7- $61,686.62
    2nd.  tatta- $54,234.88
    3rd.  Slavik_Krs- $36,951.00

For full SCOOP results from Thursday's Day 1 events, visit

Story by Mark Anderson

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