Bonomo Unbanned
April 6, 2022

Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo, Team Bodog member and one of PokerRoad's "All Strategy" tournament experts, is once again allowed to play on PokerStars, at least as far as the administrators of the highly popular site are concerned.

Bonomo had been weathering a ban from PokerStars ever since 2006, after being caught multi-accounting in several online poker tournaments, just a short time after the infamous "JJProdigy" controversy first blew up.  Since that time Bonomo has turned 21, entered the live tournament scene and had numerous deep cashes including an eighth place finish at the WPT 2008 Borgata Open for $135,243, and a second place finish during the 2008 WSOP preliminaries for $230,159.

News of the ban reversal has thus far received a mixed reaction from the often unforgiving, online community, a reality Bonomo seems very aware of and even addressed publicly in his most recent blog.  To read his post in its entirety click here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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