WPT Foxwoods, Amnon Knocks But Trincher Pushes Through
April 9, 2022

According to pre-final table updates provided by the World Poker Tour (, if poker pro Amnon Filippi was able to take down the Foxwoods Poker Classic (his second WPT final table of the year) he would find himself tied for first with John Phan (with just one more event on the schedule), for the prestigious WPT Player of the Year.  Filippi for his part, came tantalizingly close to accomplishing this lofty goal but was foiled in the final hand of the event by the crafty Russian and final table chip leader, Vadim Trincher. 

For second place Amnon won $409,405, a pretty good payday that paled in comparison to the $731,079 and WPT main event title that went to the man that knocked him out, after his two pair failed to hold up against his opponents spade flush draw.

Purely numerically speaking the final days of the WPT Foxwoods, made the Poker Classic one of the more interesting events to happen in quite awhile. 

A smaller than expected starting field and many quick bust outs lead to a Day 4 with only 17 players, a day that had to end after only 7 eliminations so that the next day's arriving camera crew would be able to film WPT pre-final table coverage.  Day 5 of the event would therefore only have 4 eliminations in order to achieve the ideal 6-person WPT final table. 

As is often the case though, sometimes the best laid plans still fail to achieve the desired result and thanks to a double elimination at the hands of Trincher at the end of Day 5, yesterday's WPT final table still ended up being unusual and short, despite all the previous day's adjustments.

The final table results of the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic were as follows:

1st.  Vadim Trincher- $731,079

2nd.  Amnon Filippi- $409,405

3rd.  Lenny Cortellino- $214,449

4th.  Matt Casterella- $138,905

5th.  Alex Perelberg- $106,007

Day 5 eliminations:  Joe Raposa (6th), William Botchis (7th), Lee Markholt (8th), Allen Kessler (9th), Anthony Gargano (10th).

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Story by Mark Anderson

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