Cash Plays Earns Props From Chicago Poker Club
April 13, 2022

In a slight case of better late than never, the Chicago Poker Club just began their annual "Best of's" list for 2008 and this year a PokerRoad creation earned the top spot in the podcasts category.

Many PokerRoad podcasts earned a mention on the entertaining list, with PokerRoad Radio even coming in as a runner-up, but it was Cash Plays, formerly with Bart Hanson, that earned the top spot beating out such popular podcasts and past winners as TwoPlusTwo and Ante Up.

Cash Plays has gone through some significant changes since last year, with its new host Jeremiah Smith creating a slightly different style and feel, however given its current momentum and impressive list of interviews that already includes top players like Paul Wasicka, Andy Bloch and Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke, in all likely hood this will not be the last time that Cash Plays finds itself prominantly featured on the Chicago Poker Club's "best of's" list.

To listen to past episodes of Cash Plays, featuring both Hanson and Smith, click on Cash Plays under the PokerRoad Audio Tab on the main page of the site.

Story by Mark Anderson

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