LAPT Record Setting Weekend, Finds Nitsche The New Champ
April 20, 2022

German high school student, Dominik Nitsche, took down the last Latin American Poker Tour event of Season Two over the weekend, the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final presented by, earning himself nearly $400 grand. 

Looking remarkably like a young Joey Ramone sitting behind his huge PokerStars trophy, Nitsche was the last player standing out of 291 initial runners, each paying $5,200 to enter. These impressive numbers for an LAPT event were responsible for creating a total prize pool worth $1,411,350- easily the largest in LAPT history, as well as the largest first prize ever distributed in an LAPT event, $381,030. 

As the tournament was taken down by an 18 year-old freeroll qualifier, Nitsche broke another LAPT record as the youngest player ever to win an LAPT title, after outlasting all his final table rivals in less than four hours.

The final table finish positions for the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final were as follows:

1st.  Dominik Nitsche- $381,030

2nd.  Jorge Landazuri- $211,700

3rd.  Rodolfo Awad- $141,140

4th.  Jason R Skeans- $105,860

5th.  Segio Farias- $77,620

6th.  Leonardo Fernandez- $63,520

7th.  Derek Lerner- $49,400

8th.  Alfons Fenijn- $35,280

9th.  Jose Barbero- $28,220

For the complete story on what went down during the LAPT Grand Final in Mar del Plata, visit the LAPT website at or the PokerStars blog (

Story by Mark Anderson

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