"Shronk-Daddy" Shown Love On
April 22, 2022

The tragic loss of Justin Shronk, at the all to early age of 27, has inspired a huge outpouring of support throughout the poker community.  At this point tributes to Shronk can be found on nearly every poker site, poker podcast and poker forum, both related to PokerRoad and not.

Sportscaster Noah Coslov, continued that trend today on in a very unique way that Shronk would have loved, and it came appropriately enough, during a recap of a Phillies vs. Brewers game.

In the clip (which can be linked to below), Coslov gives a shout-out to Shronk right as Pedro Feliz hits a home run against the quickly fading Brewers; a quick plug that could easily go unnoticed by those not touched by Shronk, but one that means a lot to his friends and family still in shock by his loss.

Story by Mark Anderson

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