PokerRoad Podcasts Pay Tribute To Justin Shronk
April 23, 2022

Two of PokerRoad's most popular podcasts were recorded last night (4/22), both of which paid tribute to our lost friend Shronk, in unique and appropriate ways.

Last night's Two Jacks In The Hole, featuring Scott Huff and Joe Stapleton, did their best to bring some cathartic laughter back to our still shell shocked community, while focusing in the end on the genuinely funny man we all knew as Shronk.

PokerRoad Radio, with Ali Nejad, Joe Sebok, Gavin Smith and last night many others, created a special double-length tribute show entirely dedicated to Shronk, sharing stories throughout his whole poker media career.  This special commercial free show, also did its best to represent the many friends, family and fans of Shronk's, that have come out of the woodwork this past week to show their sadness and support, as we all mourn his loss.

Both podcasts, which are now available for free download, obviously contained some sadness but were mostly filled with humor, happy stories and crazy, amazing memories of Shronk, and hopefully each will serve as a way to begin some healing, as we all are forced to come to terms with the passing of one of PokerRoad's all-time favorite sons.

To listen to the shows click below:

Two Jacks In The Hole          

PokerRoad Radio

Story by Mark Anderson

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