I'll Have My Cake To Go Please
April 24, 2022

Players waiting to play real money online Texas Hold 'em on their PDAs finally have their chance, thanks to Cake Poker's new Cake Poker Mobile.

This new, somewhat revolutionary advance in online poker is available to any mobile device capable of running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher including numerous versions of the Palm Treo, the Motorola MOTO, the Hewlett-Packard iPAQ and many others.

Although Bodog had previously released a mobile casino option for PDA's, Cake Poker is actually the first of any of the major online poker sites to offer a mobile real money online poker option, which although still in its early stages, reportedly works just like the standard PC version of their software when it comes to Cake Poker's gold chips and gold cards rewards program.

Just as Cake Poker does not yet have downloadable Mac software, Cake Poker Mobile is unfortunately not available for the highly popular iPhone, nor for the Blackberry for that matter, although a version for that may be coming soon according to a recent article from (

Those worried about the security of this new tech option may be happy to note that according to the Cake Poker Mobile FAQ page ( Cake Poker Mobile is in some ways even more secure than your regular PC laptop, in that your Cake Poker password is never stored on your phone, so there's no way to access your account even if your phone is stolen.

Players wishing to play on Cake Poker Mobile must of course have a Cake Poker account, which conveniently enough, you can get right here at PokerRoad by clicking here.

For more information visit, (but why not join through us first).

Story by Mark Anderson

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