WPT Championship Wrap-Up
April 27, 2022

When there were a mere ten players left in this year's World Poker Tour $25,000 Championship, two pros were vying for WPT player of the year and one had his eyes firmly set on becoming the all time tournament poker money winner.  By early Sunday morning, once the dust had settled, only one of those things had come to pass thanks in no small part to a 21 year-old named Yevgeniy Timoshenko who took down the event, even given the absurd competition.

For the first, Timosheko earned $2,149,960, easily the biggest win of his career, despite numerous six figure cashes including a first in the 2008 Asian Poker Tour- Macau worth $500,000.

By winning, Timoshenko not only spoiled poker legend Scotty Nguyen's chance of becoming the game's all time tournament money winner (by taking a first), but he also ruined amateur player (yes apparently their was at least one) Ran Azor's chance of pulling off the near impossible by winning one of the most prestigious and difficult tournaments of the year, when he knocked him out (for $1,446,265) during heads-up play.

Of course leave it to "ElkY" not to disappoint the fans.  Bertrand Grospellier was able to accomplish one of the big things many in the poker media were most excited about, when he successfully overtook John Phan for WPT Player of the Year, in the last event of the season.  By taking a third at the final table, along with the Player of the Year, Grospellier also earned $776,245.

The final table finish positions for the $25,000 WPT World Championship were as follows:

1st.  Yevgeniy Timoshenko- $2,149,960

2nd.  Ran Azor- $1,446,265

3rd.  Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier- $776,245

4th.  Christian Harder- $571,965

5th.  Shannon Shorr- $408,550

6th.  Scotty Nguyen- $285,985

For more on the World Poker Tour Championship visit for all the final day's tournament action, along with excellent behind the scenes videos starring PokerRoad's Amanda Leatherman

Story by Mark Anderson

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