Annie Duke Fights For Charity, Poker And Her Friends, In Apprentice Final
May 8, 2022

NBC's "The Celebrity Apprentice" started the season with some real heavy hitters, Hershel Walker, Tom Green, Scott Hamilton, Dennis Rodman, big-time household names and as such even her fellow poker players probably thought there was little chance Annie Duke could possibly stand out in such a crowd. 

Throughout the course of the show however, those of us that thought that way were quickly proven wrong, not only did Annie stand out, she arguably stood over, becoming not just one of the most controversial, most interesting and most talked about players of the season but also the most successful, raising significantly more money for charity than any other player, and succeeding in tasks that she was practically written off of from the start (like having to write a jingle against Clint Black).

It's now eleven episodes later and amazingly there's only one "The Celebrity Apprentice" left, a 3-hour Live finale, featuring the last two opponents, poker pro Annie Duke and Joan Rivers- a 75 year-old comedy legend that has gone on record as saying that Annie is worse than Hitler and that all poker players are manipulative, untrustworthy, white trash.

Going against such a famous hollywood icon wont be easy, there's no doubt Annie once again has her work cut out for her this Sunday, but given Ms. River's outspoken feelings on our community, I think I speak for pretty much all of us when I say, "you can do it Annie, were all behind you.  Take that...  wag down."

NBC's Live "The Celebrity Apprentice" Finale airs this Sunday, May 10th, at 8/7c.

Story by Mark Anderson

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