Poker Pros Converge In Vegas For A Different World Series
May 12, 2022

Fans of PokerRoad's new TWEETSFROMTHEROAD section should prepare themselves for even more golf talk than usual from their favorite poker pros, because the highly anticipated 2009 World Series of Golf (WSOG), presented by, has officially begun.

The World Series of Golf, for those uninitiated, is a televised $10,000 buy-in, amateur, bracket style golf tournament which utilizes Texas Hold 'em like rules, adding a whole new level of strategic thinking to a game that many poker players already found absurdly addictive. 

Each hole in the event starts with a standard ante and a first shot, which basically becomes the equivalent of the player's hole cards.  Depending on how much a player likes their first shot, they have the option of betting, checking or folding (which surrenders the ante and ends the hole for the competitor).  The goal of the round is not to end up with the best score but with the most money, which means in this tournament, just like in poker, it's not the hand (or shot) your dealt that matters, but how you play it that's important.

According to recent tweets, just some of the pros playing in today's first few rounds of the WSOG include Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch, Daniel Negreanu and Gavin Smith.

For more information on the 2009 World Series of Golf visit their site at

Story by Mark Anderson

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