Midway Through The FTOPS
May 12, 2022

Today (5/12/09), marks pretty much the exact halfway point of the twelfth edition of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS), and with 12 of the 25 events officially completed, now seems as good a time as any to check out some of the numbers and the trends of FTOPS XII so far.

This season's FTOPS guaranteed over $18 million in prize pools, which so far has turned out to be great for players but not so great for Full Tilt, which has had to reach into their own coffers on numerous occasions to meet their posted guarantees.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been added to the prize pools by Full Tilt Poker, making this season's FTOPS one of the best values for players since the tournament's inception in 2006.

The auditors at Full Tilt Poker may have overestimated attendance a bit for the FTOPS this time around, but luckily for them they seemed to have grossly underestimated attendance for the MiniFTOPS, a new feature at the FTOPS, which are basically 25 clone events, exactly the same as their big brother counterparts but with smaller guarantees and one-tenth the buy-in.  Attendance levels of the MiniFTOPS have so far created many prize pools two or three times larger, than the original posted guarantee.

The winners thus far for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series are as follows:

Event #1 No Limit Hold 'em 6-Max

FTOPS:  URBEHIND- $191,020.00
MiniFTOPS:  LHBrazillll- $42,177.00

Event #2 Pot Limit Omaha, Knockout

FTOPS:  masp797- $55,000.00
MiniFTOPS:  StefanSchmitz- $15,036.00

Event #3 No Limit Hold 'em, 3xShootout

FTOPS:  nypitbull24- $76,545.00
MiniFTOPS:  Rounder63- $7,654.50

Event #4 No Limit Hold 'em, 1 rebuy and 1 add-on

FTOPS:  Leopard18- $127,688.00
MiniFTOPS:  BrunoStefanelli- $37,917.00

Event #5 Stud/8

FTOPS:  67ofspades- $24,079.20
MiniFTOPS:  torden- $6,063.66

Event #6 Pot Limit Omaha, 6-Max

FTOPS:  michaelsc- $86,000.00
MiniFTOPS:  tots2000- $21,092.68

Event #7 No Limit Hold 'em, Rebuy

FTOPS:  Gavin Smith- $123,600.00
MiniFTOPS:  birdibel- $41,366.62

Event #8 No Limit Hold 'em, Knockout 6-Max

FTOPS:  benba- $146,287.50
MiniFTOPS:  seeya2010- $26,703.46

Event #9 No Limit Hold 'em, Heads-Up

FTOPS:  MKMADTILT- $87,000.00
MiniFTOPS:  chicagocards1- $16,793.60

Event #10 No Limit Hold 'em

FTOPS:  Doc Sands- $259,440.00
MiniFTOPS:  LeonP- $53,512.20

Event #11 Pot Limit Omaha/8

FTOPS:  BRO20- $45,540.00
MiniFTOPS:  BombinPocketABU- $11,047.26

Event #12 No Limit Hold 'em, 6-Max, Ante From Start

FTOPS:  Jas11- $300,000.00
MiniFTOPS:  JBT449- $67,969.33

For more information and complete results on the first 12 events of FTOPS XII, visit

Story by Mark Anderson

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