Texas Poker Bill Foiled Again
May 15, 2022

According to numerous sources coming out of Texas, the last chance to get poker legalized in some Texas locations this season ended recently, when Representative Jose Menendez (D-San Antonio) effectively removed his bill (HB 222) from consideration, once he was assured that even if it passed, Texas Governor Rick Perry would veto it.

The bill, which would have allowed card rooms in horse and dog tracks, is just one of several poker bills that Menendez has put fourth over the years, in an attempt to help the economy and make poker safer for the citizens that play it.  This version seemed to make it farther than most, but Menendez was unwilling to waste valuable House time and political capital on a vote for a losing cause, according to a quote from The Houston Chronicle in which he stated "sometimes you flush good will if you put a dead bill out on the floor."

With this disappointing end to HB 222, for the time being it is still basically illegal to play live Texas Hold 'em in Texas.

Story by Mark Anderson

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