Reminder: The Knock Out Sebok & Co. Bounty Tournament Starts This Saturday!
May 15, 2022

Coming up Saturday, May 16th, PokerRoad is teaming up with our friends from the online poker site, Players Only Poker, for a special bounty tournament featuring many of your PokerRoad favorites.

This special $5.50 buy-in, Players Only Poker event, will feature $500 added to the prize pool along with $50 bounties ($100 if players join through just for knocking out Joe Sebok, Amanda Leatherman, Scott Huff and Joe Stapleton (talk about earning an easy Benjamin).  Along with the bounty, players in the event can also win PokerRoad swag like hoodies, T-shirts and baseball caps.

For full details on the PokerRoad Players Only Poker bounty tournament see below:

Name:  PokerRoad Bounty Tournament
Site:  Players Only Poker
Date:  Saturday, May 16, 2022
Time: 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST
Buy-in:  $5.00+ .50
Password:  PKRRoad.  Details available through PokerRoad newsletter (click here to sign up).
Bountied Players:  Scott Huff, Amanda Leatherman, Joe Sebok, Joe Stapleton
Special Conditions:  US Players Only this time.  Bounties doubled for players that join through PokerRoad.

Story By Mark Anderson

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