G4 Launches New Online Poker Player Reality Show
May 19, 2022

G4, the cable channel behind hip shows like Ninja Warrior, X-Play and Code Monkeys, has announced a brand new reality show for the summer, that will attempt to introduce their "geek and proud" key demographic to the wild and unpredictable world of high stakes online poker. 

The new show, '2 Months, $2 Million,' will focus around four 20-something, math whiz- turned professional internet poker players, who have joined forces and bankrolls in an attempt to do exactly what the title suggests, win $2 million in only two months, just from playing internet poker. 

In ten half-hour episodes set to air this August, the G4 cameras will follow the players Brian, Emil, Jay and Dani, as they set up shop in Vegas and begin their quest for big cash, interrupted only by the occasional madness that poker players are known to get into when living "the life" in Sin City, in other words, parties, gambling, clubs and many, many, beautiful women.

This new show should not only be fascinating to your average G4 viewer, who may or may not have known this kind of lifestyle existed, but should be equally captivating to many of us poker players, who have been working hard to become a part of that world but were unsure how your average player goes about reaching such intensely high, nosebleed levels.

"What makes '2 months, $2 million' intriguing is the duality of the guys.  On the surface each comes across as just your average G4 viewer...but in reality they're 'sharks' playing for keeps with big money and living a lifestyle our viewers can only dream of.  This is what we intend to capture."  -Neal Tiles, President, G4

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Story by Mark Anderson

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