British 'Super Casino' Not Going To Happen
February 29, 2022
The United Kingdom's plan to build a "Super Casino" (picture the MGM Grand but with more soccer on the big screens) in Manchester, Blackpool or some similar location, has once again been put on the back burner in favor of a less controversial plan. The new plan involves building 16 smaller casinos around the country instead of one mammoth one. The smaller casinos will not be able to have more than 160 slot machines and 8 of the 16 will have even less than that, as they will only be allowed up to 80.

This new plan has angered many, who claim that the "Super Casino" could have provided up to 3,000 new jobs and could have greatly improved the economy in Manchester or Blackpool (the two most likely sites). The smaller casino plan, they argue, is not expected to have nearly as substantial of an impact on the community at large.

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