Annie Duke Announces, "Sucking Out On The Rivers"
May 21, 2022

In her most recent blog, which can now be found here on PokerRoad, Annie Duke announced yet another charity poker tournament but this one should be unlike anything anyone's ever seen before.

Sucking Out On The Rivers sponsored by, is a special $200 buy-in (w/rebuys) charity event to be held next week at the Hard Rock Poker Lounge.  This one of a kind event will raise money for Refugees International and will feature Annie along with Frank Marino and over 20 other Joan Rivers impersonators, each with a bounty on their head for when they get knocked out.

This silly, lighthearted event, aims to raise money by having a little fun with all the madness that surrounded Annie's recent appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice.  On the show, Annie eventually lost to the real Rivers in the Apprentice finale, but not before Joan had a chance to besmirch the reputations of all poker players by implying that they were all mob affiliated and untrustworthy.  According to Annie's blog, many well known pros are already planning to attend and now relish the opportunity to knock out a "Rivers."

The Sucking out on the Rivers Charity Event, sponsored by, DeepStacks University, Hard Rock Poker Lounge, and WSOP Academy, gets underway on May 27th at 6pm at the Hard Rock Casino Poker Lounge. The event will be preceded by a Red Carpet ceremony at 5pm.

To register for the open event, contact the Hard Rock Poker Lounge at 702-69FLUSH or for more information, check out Annie's blog.

Story by Mark Anderson

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