The Two Jacks Reaching New Heights On ITunes
May 22, 2022

PokerRoad's Two Jacks In The Hole, the two-hour  weekly comedy podcast featuring Scott Huff and Joe Stapleton, has recently begun making some major noise on the Apple iTunes music store, where they are currently featured not only on the front page for audio, comedy podcasts, but on the main podcast page as well.

Along with this unexpected and unsolicited prominent banner placement,  Two Jacks In The Hole can also be found mentioned on the iTunes Top Audio Podcasts list, where they've risen as high as #6, beating out such nationally known stars as Director Kevin Smith (SModcast), Michael Feldman (PRI: Michael Feldman), Jimmy Pardo (Never Not Funny) and even Dane Cook (DANEcast).

Long time fans of the Two Jacks may not be surprised by this sudden burst of notoriety, but others- perhaps those that haven't listened in awhile, may be wondering where this sudden uptick in fame is coming from. 

"No clue," responded Scott, when I asked him that very question earlier today. "Trying to figure out how iTunes features things is more confusing than the Da Vinci Code."

Perhaps it's surprising to the strangely humble Mr. Huff, but for those of us that have been tracking the Jack's progress recently, much of this success seems only logical. 

What was originally not much more than two friends talking about whatever was on their minds, has in the last year evolved into a professional in studio multi-media experience, with a streaming video feed, live chat, sound effects and even a puppy cam. 

Not to be forgotten, the show also now benefits from the many talents of Jacki Bray, the recently added newsgirl, who in the short time since she has joined the cast has proven she's not just a (very) pretty face.  Jacki not only adds quite a bit of her own humor to the proceedings, but has also proven her skills on the air in trivia as well as in rapping, where she goes by the handle "Feminem."

For more information on the Two Jacks In The Hole, check out this weeks show featuring MadTV's Arden Myrin, or visit their official fan site at

Story by Mark Anderson

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