This Summer, Phil Ivey Is Best Seen And Not Heard
May 28, 2022

PokerRoad's highly popular Tuesdays With Ivey series, featuring audio interactions between Barry Greenstein and Phil Ivey, will be temporarily suspended so that PokerRoaders can once again experience Ivey the way initially intended, in glorious full video form with the triumphant return of The Life of Ivey.

New episodes of The Life of Ivey, basically short glimpses into the life of one of the world's most respected gamblers, have already begun popping up on PokerRoad and will continue in a much more regular form throughout this year's World Series of Poker. 

Die hard fans of Tuesdays With Ivey that don't like The Life Of Ivey (if there are such people), are encouraged to just close their eyes and listen to the new videos when they are posted, the effect should be remarkably similar.  

To checkout the newest episode of The Life Of Ivey, just click here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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