Lynch Signs With Lock
May 28, 2022

Online superstar Eric "Rizen" Lynch, according to a recent press release posted on his blog, has decided to sign with Lock Poker, making him the first sponsored pro of that up and coming young site.

In the release, as well as in a follow up blog post, "Rizen" states some of the reasons he chose to join the site listing not only his appreciation for their overall business philosophy of putting the players first and working with their pros to make the Lock Poker room better, but also his amazingly positive experience during the recent Bluff Online Poker Challenge, where he saw them walk that talk, as they showed their willingness to work with the players involved in order to keep them happy and make that Challenge a success.

"The most important investment we can make is into the players themselves. said Jennifer Larson, Founder and CEO of Lock Poker. Their voice has been lost by the apathy of this industry. The players are the reason for the success and really have made it what it is. We at Lock Poker believe it's time to put the player first. They are our only asset. Players have a choice. We want to be that choice. And that we have to earn."

Lock Poker, a member of the ever growing Cake Poker Network, is both Mac compatible and open to US players.

Story by Mark Anderson

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