PokerRoad Nation Up And Running!
May 28, 2022

The new PokerRoad Nation addition to has at last been unveiled, finally giving the PokerRoad faithful an opportunity to fully understand why President Joe Sebok has seemed so excited in his last few blogs

This new feature (a gross understatement really), along with some of PokerRoad's top content, successfully utilizes the magic of Twitter to offer poker fans a whole new level of access to players and tournaments, allowing anyone with a free Twitter account to keep up on what's happening and even join in on the conversation, by adding their own tweets as things move along.

The new PokerRoad Nation not only presents tweets from PokerRoad family members, WSOP bracelet winners and fans in a compelling new way but it also adds some context and detail to these updates, thanks to a photo page that shows huge, beautiful pictures of what many members just so happen to be tweeting about.

The fully customizable PokerRoad Nation tweets page, allows viewers to follow specific players only, specific tournaments only, proven WSOP bracelet winners only, or even all of the above mashed together.  In fact, there seem to be so many options for customization it's almost futile to try to explain them all here (so why I am I still trying).  The best way to understand it is to just go join the Nation yourself (click here).

Story by Mark Anderson

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