Duluth's Steve Malkovich Wins HPT Northern Lights
June 1, 2022

Successfully proving you don't necessarily have to be in Vegas this summer to win big money in tournament poker, Steve Malkovich, a poker hobbyist and construction laborer from Duluth, took down his first Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) title in record time yesterday (5/31/09), in the significantly smaller town of Walker, Minnesota- home of the Northern Lights Casino.

A Heartland Poker Tour player since 2005, Malkovich had played in twelve previous HPT events before finally earning this big score worth $48,002, a score which despite any previous troubles, he quickly shared a portion of with the HPT's charity partner, Disabled American Veterans (

The top six players of the 2009 HPT- Northern Lights Casino were as follows:

1st.  Steve Malkovich- $48,002

2nd.  Durwin Matuska- $24,001

3rd.  Michael Lewis- $14,401

4th.  Nathan Avenson- $11,201

5th.  Mark Wadekamper- $9,600

6th.  Paul Katchmark- $8,000

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Story by Mark Anderson

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