WASSUP '09: Event #4 Final Day Set To Begin
June 2, 2022

What is now widely known as the "Stimulus Special" event of this year's World Series of Poker, the $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold 'em, is finally down to only 50 players after starting with an amazing 6,012, and will now (according to theory) play all the way down to the champion tonight (6/2).

Thanks to the huge number of entries, this cheapest of all the bracelet events, is able to boast a total prize pool worth $5,410,800 and a first prize of $771,106. 

Despite Event #4 swarming with unknowns and amateurs, the last six tables of this event still hold some notable pros including Eric Mizrachi, Lee Watkinson, Dan Heimiller and PokerRoad's own Steve Sung, who currently sits around the center of the pack with 339,000 in tournament chips.  The current chip leader is Robert Comegys with 1,186,000, followed closely by poker pro Danny Fuhs (1,112,000).

To follow the conclusion of today's Event #4 check out the PokerRoad Nation where Steve Sung, Eric Mizrachi and others are posting tweets as they happen, or visit for more traditional live updates powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Final Day Sweet Tweets* from the $1,000 "Stimulus Special"

Sitting next to the funniest Filipino lady ever. She just asked me 'why is Matusow always broke?' '
-Daniel Negreanu

Gav says he will bust me today. Disagree
-Jeff Madsen

Busto from the $1k. Nothing exciting, Tommy Dobs just kept making bigger hands. Got away from a few but got short and had go with it
-Court Harrington

Blah bustowned
-Thayer Rasmussen

Busto. Guy on my left tortured me for a while in a way that was not skillful, then ran top pair into better top pair.
-Jimmy Fricke

Wow just took sick one..guy opens 2400, I flat jacks on button, sb calls..flop j93, guy shoves all in 15k with 78 and they find a 10 for him
-Matt Brady

Currently playing in NL.. Thinking about my PLO stack blinding away.. Makes me sad.. 
-Tommy Le

*A sampling of Event #4 Twitter posts, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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