WASSUP '09: Event #4, Sung In Second With Nine Still To Go
June 3, 2022

When yesterday's final day of play began for Event #4 of the World Series of Poker, many naysayers believed the event couldn't possibly wrap itself up neatly in just one more day.  At the time there were still 50 players in contention in what was being billed as the "Stimulus Special" including numerous respected pros and it was thought that with a bracelet on the line as well as a $771,106 top prize, the final day would inevitably have to be extended.  Well as it turned out, those naysayers were right or rather were made to be right around 10 p.m. last night, when Series organizers decided to halt the event once the final nine had been reached, so that the exciting event conclusion could be viewed by more people when the Final Table resumes today (6/3) at 2 p.m, live on ESPN 360.

With only nine people left out of an initial starting field of more than 6,000 players, it's frankly a little surprising to see even one pro make it through the amateur mine field all the way to the final table, but remarkably not only does this $1,000 buy-in final table currently feature poker pro Dan Heimiller in first place, it also holds PokerRoad's own Steve Sung directly behind him in second.

Current final table chip counts for Event #4 of the World Series of Poker are as follows:

Dan Heimiller- 4,155,000
Steve Sung- 3,395,000
Panayote Vilandos- 1,940,000
James Matz III- 1,885,000
Jeff Oakes- 1,680,000
Larry Sidebotham- 1,500,000
Phong Huynh- 1,310,000
Nathan Mullen- 1,210,000
Danny Fuhs- 965,000

For more on yesterday's exciting play, or to read live updates from today when play resumes at 2 p.m., visit powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* from yesterday's Event #4 play

Well played my heart out, was on the button with A 10 of hearts and raised, guy shoved all in with K Q and hit! Came in 40th place $16,000 !
-Eric Mizrachi

will shock me if they do 1k final table tonight
-Paul Nobles

A big Ty to everyone for the support.
-Steve Sung

*A sampling of Event #4 Twitter posts, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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