WASSUP '09: Ivey Wins!
June 5, 2021

PokerRoad's Phil Ivey, entered yesterday's World Series of Poker Event #8 final table in sixth place out of seven players, yet somehow he didn't seem that worried.  In a recent The Life Of Ivey video that was taken that same day, Ivey can be seen smiling, relaxed and even cracking jokes with PokerRoad's Amanda Leatherman before the final table began, and even though he was coming in as a statistical underdog, most of Ivey's fans inherently understood where he was coming from and therefore weren't that worried either.

Event #8, the $2,500 buy-in Deuce-To-Seven, is an event tailor made for the most serious of poker grinders.  The game is said by many to be one of the purest forms of poker out there and is a perfect fit for someone like Phil Ivey, who not only has the necessary experience to understand the nuances of the game but also the sick kind of reading ability that makes him a favorite over all but the most elite of poker opponents. 

With all this going for Ivey, it didn't take him long to get some chips and take control of the match and even though there were some scary moments, where things could have ended for him with just one bad card (as is the case in any tournament) inevitably, as if predetermined by the Poker Gods, Ivey could be seen hoisting his sixth WSOP bracelet in the air for the cameras and throngs of fans that had found their way to the Amazon Room, to watch Ivey once again prove why he's one of the best in the game.

For the win Ivey earned $96,361, less than many of the single hands of poker he can often be seen playing on Full Tilt Poker- his sponsored site, however given his many, many, bracelet bets, this win is believed to represent a seven or even eight figure (if you believe the wildest of the speculations) payday for Mr. Ivey.

The final table finish positions for Event #8, the Deuce-To-Seven were as follows:

1st.  Phil Ivey- $96,367

2nd.  John Monnette- $59,586

3rd.  Yan Chen- $38,891

4th.  Eric Kesselman- $26,757

5th.  Rodeen Talebi- $19,346

6th.  Raphael Zimmerman- $14,663

7th.  Elia Ahmadian- $11,627

For further details on yesterday's Event #8 final table visit for updates, and chip counts as they happened, powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* from the Deuce-To-Seven Final table

Going over to the Rio to sweat the 2-7 before I start the 10k Mixed. One of the best final 3's yet! Two Deuce specialists and... Phil Ivey!
-Daniel Alaei

Ivey is now heads up against John Monnette. Has around 4m to John's 6.7m. He has a lot riding on this win, so root him on!
-Team Ivey

Phil picks off bluff. Calls with Ace high to take the lead. Ivey 600k. Monnette 520k.
-Team Ivey

Ivey "soul-owning" at the 2-7 Final Table
-Todd Jones

NO! RT @philivey: Monnette doubles through on the very next hand. Phil is down to 200k. Monnette leads with 900k. --Team Ivey
-Lana Waggoner

It's over! Lock it up! Bracelet #6 for @philivey!
-Joe Sebok

Phil wins 6th bracelet! $96k and A LOT of side bets. He cracked a smile.
-Team Ivey

*A sampling of Event #8 Twitter posts, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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