WASSUP '09: Ellis Bests Eric For 7-Card Stud Bracelet
June 5, 2021

The first $10,000 "World Championship" event of this year's World Series of Poker (Event #6 World Championship Seven Card Stud) concluded on Wednesday and despite PokerRoad's Daniel Negreanu bubbling the final table in tenth place, the final day of the event still ended up being a must watch for most serious poker fans.

The final table of Event #6, as could be expected, held many top pros including Hasan Habib, Greg Mueller, Jeff Lisandro and Max "The Italian Pirate" Pescatori, but when the event finally made it down to heads-up play, it was two less often mentioned seasoned veterans who found themselves alone and fighting for an elusive WSOP bracelet.

Freddie Ellis, an East Coast Stud specialist, had never won a WSOP bracelet before, but after surviving longer than 140 of his peers that possibility was quickly becoming a real one, with only one more player standing in his way.  Unfortunately for Ellis, that last player was Eric Drache, a highly respected Stud player and Vegas living legend who also happened to be quite a bit younger than Ellis at a mere 66-years old. 

Drache, a former WSOP Tournament Director and the man behind the scenes of many of poker's most popular projects, entered heads-up play as a slight underdog in chips but still gave Ellis quite a fight for close to four hours, before eventually settling for second place; a position Drache is all to familiar with having already come in second in two previous WSOP Stud events.

For the first place finish, the 77-year old Ellis earned $373,751 and a gold WSOP bracelet.   As runner-up Drache earned $231,013, his biggest cash in close to 40 years of playing tournament poker.

The final table finish results for Event #6, the $10,000 World Championship Seven Card Stud were as follows:

1st.  Freddie Ellis- $373,751

2nd.  Eric Drache- $231,013

3rd.  Ville Wahlbeck- $152,914

4th.  Max Pescatori- $107,958

5th.  Hasan Habib- $80,968

6th.  Ivan Schertzer- $64,297

7th.  Greg "FBT" Mueller- $53,885

8th.  Tim Phan- $47,532

9th.  Jeffrey Lisandro- $36,266

For further details on Event #8 visit for updates and chip counts from the event as they happened- powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* from the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Event

We are on the bubble- no break- and I have to pee soooo bad!
-Daniel Negreanu

Busted 14th. Cashed for $24,480.
-Matthew Glantz

Crushed played 3 hands lost all three
-Daniel Negreanu

Dissapointed. Going to play the PLO NL mix at 5pm and then tomm at 5pm look forward to the 10k 8 game mix.
-Daniel Negreanu

Freddy Show!!! Freddy just won the 10k Stud Championship. Congrats Freddy. You made us proud.
-Matthew Glantz

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #6, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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