WASSUP '09: Shronk's Cousin Does Him Proud In Event #15
June 9, 2021

Brian Lemke, beloved cousin of PokerRoad's recently departed friend and co-worker Justin Shronk, earned his first bracelet yesterday against a stacked final table in Event #15, the $5,000 buy-in No Limit Hold 'em. 

Brian outlasted a field of over 650 players and earned close to $700,000 for winning the event, easily the largest cash of his tournament career, and although the money must seem insane compared to his largest previous cash of $3,405 (according to stats collected by, it almost seemed to be what the victory represented to Lemke that truly mattered most to him, being able to dedicate the win to Shronk and his family.

The final table finish positions for Event #15 were as follows:

1st.  Brian Lemke- $692,658

2nd.  Fabian Quoss- $427,912

3rd.  Thomas "Thunder" Keller- $280,852

4th.  Mike Sowers- $194,931

5th.  Liya Gerasimova- $142,688

6th.  Danny Illingworth- $109,872

7th.  Isaac Baron- $88,784

8th.  Billy Kopp- $75,115

9th.  Christian Iacobellis- $66,403

For more details on how the Event #15 final table went down, visit, powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* the 5K final table

Final table of 5k, sick lineup. David Pham, Tom Keller, Sowers, and Brian Lemke. Brian is Shronk's cousin, so let's do this!
-Joe Sebok

Rooting for Mike Sowers in #wsop15 but Isaac Baron (Menlo) is a pretty tough competitor there.
-Scott Wasserman

Brian doubles up! This party ain't over yet... One double at a time...we're getting back in this...
-Joe Sebok

Still going on. Brian has 2m and other guy has about 7m. Needs to get lucky, but he's still fighting..
-Joe Sebok

Wow. Unreal. It's over. Brian wins. He hugged me and said, "You know why I won this, right? You know". Wow. Really beautiful.
-Joe Sebok

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #15, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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