Rounders Writers Land Leo For Next Poker Project
June 18, 2021

Brian Koppelman and David Levein, the writers behind the poker classic "Rounders," are fixing to dive back into the poker genre this time focusing on the rarely seen world of Costa Rica-based online poker, according to a recent article in the Hollywood Reporter.

Although seemingly an odd topic for a feature film (even for regular online players), if anyone can make watching online poker exciting it should be these two, after bringing us arguably the most influential poker flick since 1965's "The Cincinnati Kid," as well as other well received gambling films like the more recent "Ocean's Thirteen." 

Leonardo Dicaprio, the star of such classics as "The Departed," "Catch Me If You Can" and "Titanic," has signed on to front this as yet unnamed project, and is rumored to already be quite the poker buff. 

Apparently Leo enjoys working with Koppelman and Levein as well, as he's currently involved in another of their projects entitled "Beat The Reaper," based on an adaptation of the Josh Bazell novel of the same name.

Story by Mark Anderson

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