WASSUP '09: Event #34, Eric Baldwin Earns First Bracelet
June 19, 2021

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's Eric Balwin, earned his biggest live tournament cash since moving to Vegas a little over a year ago yesterday, when he took down Event #34 of the 40th Annual World Series of Poker, according to a recent article from Madison's Capital Times

Baldwin won over $520,000 for winning the $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold 'em WSOP event, more than double the nearly $200,000 top prize he earned just a few months earlier when he claimed the top prize of a $2,500 Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza II event.

To win his first WSOP bracelet, this UW Warhawk had to outlast a starting field of 2,095 players and survive a final table that held among others online poker pro Andrew Youngblood and newly minted poker "Triple Crown" winner  Roland de Wolfe, who after winning Event #27 almost earned a second bracelet here, before finally getting knocked out in fifth place.

The final table finish positions for Event #34- $1,500 No-Limit Hold 'em were as follows:

1st.  Eric Baldwin- $521,991

2nd.  Jonas Klausen- $322,371

3rd.  James Taylor- $213,045

4th.  Benjamin Scholl- $150,132

5th.  Roland de Wolfe- $112,957

6th.  Andrew Youngblood- $89,221

7th.  Steven Bradbury- $74,351

8th.  Martin Jacobson- $65,486

9th.  Eric DeFontes- $60,339

For further details on Event #34 visit, powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson
Sweet Tweets* from a $1,500 NL Hold 'em.

Tough to bully when they have the nuts everytime. Down to 43.5k
-Matt Vance

Players just made the money. Phil Hellmuth and Chris Ferguson high fived each other. Roland deWolfe joined in too.
-John MacLeod

Went from 60k to zero in seconds on day two. My first cash though for $2700, woohoot!
-Allen Cunningham

Good starting table, a few stacks to my right and a bunch of shorties to my left
-Paul Wasicka

Did not win one pot for last 50 hands!! Anteed all the way down to all in in big blind! Got sick bad beat 1 hour ago, but no stories!
-Phil Hellmuth

Busteeeed 60th place for something less than half a million
-Matt Vance

Thanks for all the support. Time to go ship a belt...yeah buddy!
-Eric Baldwin

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #34, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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