WASSUP '09: Final Fourteen In Mixed #42
June 23, 2021

Only 14 players remain in the 2009 World Series of Poker Event #42 and despite starting with 412 players, that final list of 14 still holds many exciting names, including a few PokerRoaders.

PokerRoad Radio "B Team's," Jimmy Fricke is still alive and fighting in the $2,500 buy-in Mixed Event, although currently the short stack after a tough beat right at the end of yesterday's Day 2 play.  Joining Fricke today is Blair Rodman, Dario Alioto, Jon "Pearljammer" Turner and Blogfessional star Layne Flack, who currently is in a much better position sitting fifth in chips overall.

Day 3 of the #42 Mixed Event has already begun and is scheduled to play down to conclusion some time tonight.  Catch all the action by visiting for live updates and chip counts powered by PokerNews and than log into the PokerRoad Nation to interact through Twitter with the fans, rail, and maybe even some of the pros that are playing.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* the $2,500 Mixed

Wow andy bloch just noticed that the cut cards are transparent.
-Allen Kessler

NLH for 8 hands now. I'll have to go all in with anything decent only 4400
-Daniel Negreanu

must be nice to be me. girlfriend delivers fresh capriottis italian sub, no onions or tomatoes.
-Bryan Devonshire

to 30k in chips! played a big pot against Layne Flack in the PLO & bluffed off almost 30k, oops wrong person to bluff! still fightin'!!! :-)
-R Williamson III

busto a346 v 2457 on 4th in razz i make 3 pair he makes a wheel siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh gl jimmy fricke.
-Bryan Devonshire

Lost a huge PLO pot on a likely bad river call then busted tuan le next hand. Couldve gone broke in the PLO hand though.
-Jimmy Fricke

224k! Made a big call in nlh vs alex k. with TT on 783J2 board, he had 99... called 33k on the river, very tough spot, weeeee!
-Jon Turner

Was an unlucky dinner :-( Got knocked out 42nd paying 40, ugh!!! tomorrow is another day! thanks 4 rootin' me on, have a great night :-)
-R Williamson III

23 left in #wsop42... Jerrod Ankenman chip leader... PearlJammer, Flack, and Gobboboy still with chips... his cool Gobbomom here, too
-Short-Stacked Shamus

47400 end of day 2, last hand of the night I lose a huge pot in plo. Gonna have to run good tomorrow.
-Jimmy Fricke

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #42, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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