WASSUP '09: Event #44, Lisandro And Wahlbeck Both Still In With 13 Remaining
June 24, 2021

The 40th Annual World Series of Poker Player of the Year race, has without a doubt been one of the most interesting ongoing stories of this year's Series, and it appears that story may soon get even more dramatic thanks to Event #44, the devilish game known as Razz.

Currently the top two players on the WSOP Player of the Year leader board are Ville Wahlbeck and Jeffrey Lisandro who are both ahead of PokerRoad's Phil Ivey despite his two 2009 bracelets and 5 cashes, serving to show what a remarkable kind of Series these two men were already having, even before yesterday when both made the money yet again in another WSOP event.

With only 13 players left in Event #44 both Wahlbeck and Lisandro have a real shot at earning another bracelet, which would be Wahlbeck's second of the year and amazingly, Lisandro's third, a feat unheard of since Ivey did it pre-poker boom.

To follow all of today's (6/24) grueling Razz action which visit, powered by PokerNews and then log in to the PokerRoad Nation for tweets from the fans, media and maybe even a few players.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* the $2,500 Razz

Whoever invented mtt razz should be shot, 9100
-Jeff Williams

16k in the Razz avg is like 12k. Playing well and really got my second wind at the wsop. 4 hour massage helped.
-Daniel Negreanu

Bust, razz isn't very fun
-Jeff Williams

Arrgh. So annoying 4 way pot I have 2356 with two 2's and two 5's out. Back to 9k and going stir crazy. I've lost my cool. Too many days
-Daniel Negreanu

Busted from the razz before the happy I get to come back tomorrow at 5 for the o8 instead of at 2 with no chips...10kplhe too early
-Justin Smith

Finished Day 1 of the Razz with 15,100 which, unfortunately, means I will be playing more razz tomorrow.
-Annie Duke

Out of the razz. Not sure if I am unhappy or happy about that. Next up is Omaha 8 or better at 5 pm.
-Annie Duke

Lisandro never ever catches a bad card. Rather annoying. Down to 17k
-Daniel Negreanu

Just bubbled the razz. Got sucked out on like 5 hands in a row. Was really ugly. Really really ugly.
-Justin Bonomo

*A sampling of twitter posts from Event #44, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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