WASSUP '09: The Big Dance Starts Tomorrow
July 2, 2021

It's almost here, the tournament every poker player dreams of winning, the World Series of Poker Main Event!

Tomorrow, Friday July 3rd, will be the first Day 1 of four scheduled, set to begin the difficult process of separating poker's top wheat from the chaff.  During those four days, over 7,000 players are expected to pony up the $10,000 tournament buy-in, all with hopes of achieving the kind of poker glory reserved only for the Hellmuths, Moneymakers and Chans of the world.

Players entering this year's WSOP Main Event will be given 30,000 in tournament chips and will begin with blinds at 50/100, according to the Event #57 structure sheet available at  Each level of the event will be 120 minutes long, with dinner breaks tentatively scheduled to begin after 3 levels of play. 

Play of this year's World Series of Poker Main Event will again be halted once the final nine players have been determined.  The final table will then be restarted again in November (7th-10th), in front of a larger and more informed audience, where the final nine will play down to ultimate champion.

Last year's WSOP Main Event winner, Peter Eastgate, earned a whopping $9,152,416 top prize by outlasting a total field of 6,844 entrants, an amount many expect to be easily surpassed this year, if preliminary event attendance numbers are any indication.

Friday's WSOP Main Even Day 1a, is set to begin at noon Vegas time at the Rio Hotel & Casino and can be followed in a large variety of ways, including checking live updates on the World Series of Poker website, reading player's tweets provided by the PokerRoad Nation, listening to Gavin and the Joes discuss the event on PokerRoad Radio, or even reading recaps of what's going on right here in the PokerRoad News Brief section.  Personally, for an event this big, I'd recommend all of the above.

Story by Mark Anderson

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