The Main Event: Second Day 1
July 5, 2021

Saturday, the fourth of July, saw another 873 players put down their $10,000 entry fees to enter this year's World Series of Poker Main Event. 

Once again many notable players entered yesterday's fray from legendary Texas road gamblers like Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson, fierce Northern European pros like Rolf Slotblom and Juha Helppi, or most significantly for this writer, two of the top PokerRoaders Joe Sebok and Barry "the Bear" Greenstein.

Not all of these great players were able to survive the difficult day, which sadly includes Texas Dolly who was eliminated midday in a set vs. straight draw situation. 

Luckily, the Brunson name lives on through his progeny Todd and Pam, who both survived to see Day 2 along with Hoyt Corkins, Mike "the Mad Genius" Caro, Bill Edler, Greg Raymer, Erik Seidel, Mike Matusow and both Barry and Joe, the latter of whom ended his night with one of the larger Day 1b chip stacks, after one of the more impressive final hands of the night that involved multiple raises and eventually his opponent laying down pocket queens pre-flop.

All these Day 1b survivors will reconvene on Tuesday to continue their climb towards poker's ultimate pinnacle but first there are two more Day ones to get through.

For further details from Day 1b of the World Series of Poker Main Event visit, powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets from the second Day 1.

seat seems bad 2 youngest kids with pos on me at least i have position on the old guys raymer table next to me also
-Shaun Deeb

Wow. My table is absolutely silent. Can't work any Sebok jokes here. Aya. Was gonna kill 'em with humor. :)
-Joe Sebok

Doubled up w AA vs KK twenty minutes in!
-Jeremiah Smith

Listening to new British Sea Power + I could swear the lyrics r "All In + Close Our Eyes" is this a msg from the music gods?
-Erik Seidel

I Hero called with 2nd pair on a flushy-straighty-A high board :) sweeeet!
-Kara Scott

Man, music always works! Somehow climbed back into the black, with 33k at dinner break. Game on.
-Joe Sebok

A reprieve of execution from the governor. Almost back to my starting stack. 28k. Early dinner break.
-Barry Greenstein

Set under set, I raised in CO w 33 and the worst player at table flatted in the BB w AA. Got in on AT39 board.
-Jeremiah Smith

Wow - 3 people in a row flopped sets against me. They make it look so easy! Not sure this is going to be a lucky day.
-Victoria Coren

Solid little flurry right at the end to end up at my high point of 79k, so I am stoked and feeling real good. Happy 4th! Lovin' it.
-Joe Sebok

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #57, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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