Barney Frank Goes To Vegas
July 8, 2021

Congressman Barney Frank, the chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, paid a visit to this year's World Series of Poker recently and not only took part in some of the fun but shared some useful information.

Frank, often seen as one of poker's top allies in Washington, met with a small group of media, business people and poker professionals, including PokerRoad's own Barry Greenstein and Joe Stapleton, where he discussed the status of his upcoming anti-UIGEA legislation as well as what he needs from regular every day folks, to get that legislation passed.

In the time they spent with Frank, which is recapped in a recent episode of PokerRoad Radio, Barney expressed his wish that more people would get involved in the fight to protect personal freedom, by writing their representatives.  Apparently Frank wants us to know that not only do these kinds of simple letters matter, sometimes they're actually the best weapon we have to truly create change.

To listen to Barry and Joe discuss their frank interaction with Barney click here.

To find out which elected officials represent your concerns in Washington, and how best to contact them, click here (courtesy of the Poker Players Alliance).

story by Mark Anderson

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