The Main Event: Second Day 2, More Seasoned Pros And Sorrow
July 9, 2021

Day 2b, much like its predecessor Day 2a, was full of horrors for the pros.  2,922 players, many with recognizable faces, began the Rio packed day but only about half would be around to finish it.  Those that were, about 1,436 of them, would soon be confronted with a whole different kind of horror reserved specifically for the day's survivors, Phil Ivey as one of the chip leaders.

PokerRoad's Phil Ivey, showing razor sharp concentration throughout the second- second day, ended his night with over 320,000 in tournament chips- three times more than the 105,000 chip average (although admittedly only about half the size of Amir Lahavot's stack who is the current chip leader).  Other top players still in the hunt by the end of the day like Kirk Morrison, Jennifer Harman, Bertrand "ElkY" Gropellier, Kenny Tran, Justin Bonomo, Phil Hellmuth, David Benyamine, J.C. Tran, Peter Eastgate and PokerRoad blogger Kevin Saul, will have to come to terms with knowing that regardless of how well they did Wednesday, Ivey did a little better and may eventually need to be dealt with if they're to stand a chance at winning this thing. 

Dealing with a confident and chip loaded Phil Ivey may be a daunting challenge but it's one a whole list of stellar players from Day 2b only wish they had as a problem.  Players from the day that ended their Main Event runs include Erick Lindgren, Eric Froehlich, Andrew Robl, Isabelle Mercier, Paul Darden, Lauren Kling, Victor Ramdin, Vanessa Rousso, Jonathan Little, Scotty Nguyen, Kathy Liebert, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Howard Lederer, Maya Geller,  Ylon Schwartz, Tim Vance, Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Johnny Lodden, Nenad Medic and Vivek "FLOG" Rajkumar, who was unfortunate enough to be one of the last major casualties of the night.

With both Day 2s now completed, there are only 2,044 players left from the total starting field of 6,494, and all of them will finally sit down together on Friday when the WSOP Main Event continues.

For further details from Day 2b of the World Series of Poker Main Event visit, powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* from Day 2, take 2.

Wow, my table so passive. I raise 70% of the hands.
-Kenny Tran

Fwiw dennis played his aces really well and i tried to be a hero. Sigh. 13.7k :(
-Maria Mayrinck

Just lost only 9 big blinds with QQ on a T74 flop. Called 3 bet pre and just check folded flop. He showed aces. Weeeeee!! I play goot.
-Justin Bonomo

Order a heineken and turned my hat backwards like Stallone in Over The Top. Maybe that will help.
-JD Newitt

sigh..just ran QQ into AA vs only guy at table i could have folded to..but i didnt and now have 16k
-Kevin Saul

the other day, I told my girlfriend that the table thief is the guy with all the green chips. I have more than the rest combined. :-)
-Jean-Robert Bellande

Just 5 bet it w Q-Q for My tournament life!! He insta-folded, thank god!! 90 minute dinner break... I have over 140,000.
-Phil Hellmuth

I was at da table n some guy came over n asked. R u kenny tran? N I didn't even have a chance to repond. He said u not kt, u looks like him
-Kenny Tran

So I said yea. All the f%@king asian looks as like. LOL.
-Kenny Tran

Just won 5 in a row, few minutes left before break.
-Team Ivey

I suck i suck i suckp. Never playing a hand vs dennis phillips again he has aces everytime fml
-Maria Mayrinck

end of day 228,700 despite doublin a shorty w 99 vs his QQ
-Kevin Saul

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #57, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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