The Main Event: We're In The Money
July 12, 2021

Like small children flinging off an out of control merry-go-round, pros continue to fall from the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.  What started days ago with 6,494 entrants by the end of last night's play has offically withered down to 407.

Nearly 400 of those 6,000 plus players dropped just yesterday during Day 4 of the Series, including an amazing list of players like Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck, Greg "FBT" Mueller, Brian Lemke, Hevad Khan, Kristy Gazes, Justin Bonomo, Phil Hellmuth, and Kia Hamadani, the unfortunate bubble boy who instead of WSOP glory would have to settle for an entry into next year's WSOP Main Event, provided by Jack Link's Beef Jerky.

Although many fell during the difficult bubble day, there are still plenty of players hanging on for the ride that any of us in the poker media would kill to see make it deep like Phil Ivey, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Jordan Morgan, Lou Diamond Phillips, Joe Hachem, Antonio Esfandiari, Dennis Phillips, David Benyamine, PokerRoad's Joe Sebok (booyah!), J.C. Tran, Kevin Saul, "Action" Dan Harrington, Blair Hinkle and last year's Main Event champion Peter Eastgate.

Day 5 is next and begins Sunday at noon (PST), where those lucky 407 will suffer the loss of hundreds more to their ranks.  To catch all the action visit, or log into the PokerRoad Nation, for live updates from the pros still playing.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* from Day 4.

And away we go
-Dennis Phillips

Busted a shorty with my AK vs. his A10spades. Flop was 554, two spades. Yikes! I held though. 350k now. I like this kind of party
-Joe Sebok

I started today w a very good table, every one so passive. I plan to rape them all today. Bad thing happened, table broke in 4 hands. FML
-Kenny Tran

Players at my table are prop betting $100 on how many people will bust each hand. Ahhh, poker.
-Joe Sebok

Bubble time. I still have around 300k. Good luck Elky, you should make the money!
-Fabrice Soulier

Mistakes!! I am still way too human!! One day i hope to piay mistake free every day. Now time to play perfect and come back! 230k plus
-Phil Hellmuth

We're on the money bubble, Phil has 550k.

So cruel, shortstack has AA vs AJ, tourney director announces and room starts chanting JACK, JACK, JACK.
-Grant Hinkle

243k at 2nd break. In the money now and people are busting fast. Should be a short day since we stop at 400.
-Justin Bonomo

Big board was just updated. Has Blair in third.
-Grant Hinkle

Raise to 16. One caller. Flop: Qh7s2d. Phil: 23k. Call. Turn: 8h. Phil: 55k. Call. River: 4d. Move in, call. Phil : Aces. Guy: Out.
-Team Ivey

Ahhh, done for the day. 407 players remain. I finished strong at 502k. No quit. No tire. No prisoners. Day 5. Lock it up
-Joe Sebok

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #57, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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