The Main Event: Day 5, Sebok Nears A Million
July 13, 2021

Sunday's Day 5 of the World Series of Poker Main Event, shed players like hair off a showering guy who suffers from male pattern baldness.  407 players began the surprisingly short day and after less than four levels only 185 remained.

The current chip leader in the event with nearly 5 million in tournament chips is amateur player Warren Zachery, but there are still plenty of pros in the hunt with a good chance to catch up including last year's champion Peter Eastgate, Tom Schneider, Phil Ivey, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, David Benyamine, Jordan Morgan, J.C. Tran, Joe Hachem, Antonio Esfandiari and PokerRoad's pride Joe Sebok, who ended the day with a slightly below average stack but still plenty of chips, as well as having the hopes of all of us here as his battle continues on Monday.

Players who saw their WSOP dreams end on Sunday include Kevin Saul, Kara Scott, Dan Shak, Sorel Mizzi, Nick Schulman, Burt Boutin, Dan Harrington, Nick Binger, and actor Lou Diamond Phillips, who survived most of the day before finally busting moments before the end of the night's play.

Day 6 of the Main Event continues at noon (PST) on Monday.  To root on our man Sebok, or any of the other great players still in the hunt join the PokerRoad Nation or watch all the live updates at, powered by PokerNews.

Story by Mark Anderson

Sweet Tweets* from Day 5.

sleepy. haven't had much sleep since wed night (!). when do i start seeing shadow people? :) back at it at noon
-Joe Sebok

Day 5 of the main event...deep breaths
-Kara Scott

Phil just lost a huge pot. Down to 235k. Hopefully he can come back like he always does...
-Team Ivey

out 308th..ran AK into tom schneider's AA for 2 mil chip pot..really unnec
-Kevin Saul

Got 4-bet on the button and was forced to lay down a decent hand. Grrrr. Getting a little low now, 255k. No panic though.
-Joe Sebok

Moved to secondary TV table with 10bb so everyone can watch my demise...or triumphant return!
-Kara Scott

9 handed. Just knocked out ran azor (guy who knocked me out in wpt champ)..might be chipleader
-Christian Harder

You hang, and you effing hang . Up to 825k. This thing is officially on. It's go time.
-Joe Sebok

Break time. 232 players remaining. He's around 600k. Movin' on up!
-Team Ivey

Was all in with AK of diamonds vs. Q7 of hearts. Flop was 4 5 6 (gulp). Turn 7 (No!). River...K (WoW!!!). Double. Go time.
-Joe Sebok

Just announced 30 mins left in day. What up with these short days?
-Grant Hinkle

Wow. Getting real. 185 players remain. I slipped slightly to end up with 992k. Done for day. Never surrender. Ever. Day 6. Locked
-Joe Sebok

*A sampling of Twitter posts from Event #57, courtesy of the
PokerRoad Nation.

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