Account Services Goes After Seized Money
July 14, 2021

Account Services Corporation (ASC), one of the payment processors most affected by a recent US Department of Justice (DOJ) decision to seize over $30 million worth of online poker money, has filed suit with the US District Court of Southern California to get over $13 million of that money returned, claiming not only that the DOJ is guilty of violating the Fourth Amendment- against unreasonable search and seizure, but also that ASC has done nothing illegal since online poker does not constitute illegal gambling.

Chief among ASC's complaints are that much of the money that was seized from two major banks in San Diego County last month, was seized before any warrant was filed, with no specifics given as to why the money was being frozen.  In the filed motion, which can be found in its entirety on the Poker Players Alliance website (, ASC contends that because of this the DOJ violated their rights as well as the rights of the individual players who put their trust in ASC to hold their funds while engaging in internet poker.

In the complaint, ASC also notes that their company as well as the individuals affected by the seizure are not guilty of violating any law since the Illegal Gambling Buisness Act of 1955- the law which the DOJ presumably used to justify the seizure, targets businesses that run gambling operations and specifically exempts the players whether they are involved in illegal gambling or not.

Thus far the Southern District of California court has not acted on ASC's motion, but the motion has attracted much attention not only from the poker media and the Associated Press- who recently picked up the story, but also from the Poker Players Alliance, a million-plus member strong poker lobbying group, who applauded ASC for taking this much needed step.

"On behalf of the players whose money was seized by the government, the PPA is pleased that Account Services took this step of filing its motion and contesting the seizure. We fully endorse the arguments that Account Services has included in their filing that online poker is a game of skill and not the type of illegal gambling activity that is prohibited by Federal Law." 
-The Poker Players Alliance (7/10/09)

Story by Mark Anderson

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