This Just In: Joe's Main Event Comes To An End
July 14, 2021

Earlier today, with less than 9 big blinds left in his stack, PokerRoad's Commander and Chief Joe Sebok was forced to push all-in with Ace-Nine, only to be snapped off by a better Ace-Queen, according to Joe's own account on the PokerRoad Nation, thus officially ending his 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event run.

Sebok, who entered the day dangerously short with only 64 players remaining out of a starting field of 6,494, played valiantly for over 6 days despite dealing with sickness, intense competition and numerous days of being a short stack, but eventually had to bow out in 56th place, an amazing finish most of us would kill for, that regardless most likely finds Joe disappointed today.

For outlasting more than 99% of the field, Joe can claim $108,047, his third cash of the 2009 WSOP and the continued support and respect of his fellow PokerRoaders.  Well done Joe, you've once again made us proud.

With Seebs sadly on the rail, the PokerRoad Nation must now turn to its last best hope, a young Jedi by the name of Phil Ivey, who as of this writing is currently sitting with over 10,000,000 in tournament chips with only 46 players left to fall.

Story by Mark Anderson

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