This Just In: Last Women Standing, Now Walking
July 15, 2021

An early casualty of Day 8 of the World Series of Poker Main Event, Leo Margets, the last women in the field has just officially been knocked out in 27th place.

Spain's Margets, outlasted over 6,450 players but was unable to overcome her short stack status on Day 8, and much like PokerRoad's Joe Sebok the day before, was forced to push all-in early in the day with a relatively small Ace, only to be called by a bigger one.

For the 27th place finish Margets will earn $352,832- about $20,000 more than last year's "last women standing" Tiffany Michelle, despite Michelle making it all the way into 17th place. 

Without a doubt it's an impressive cash to go along with an impressive finish, especially considering Ms. Margets admittedly somewhat amateur status.

Story by Mark Anderson

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