Face The Ace Debuts On NBC
August 3, 2021

Saturday night on NBC saw the premiere of their newest million dollar game show, and this time the show is all about heads-up No-Limit Texas Hold 'em.
Face The Ace, poker's first prime time major network offering, features amateur qualifiers going up against top established pros in a series of heads-up matches with larger and larger prizes available.  If one of the qualifiers survives just three of these matches, they will walk away with one million dollars.

This week's first episode did not disappoint poker fans hoping to see big names play, among the pros who walked through the fogged glass doors in the first episode were Erick "E-dog" Lindgren, Howard Lederer, and PokerRoad's Phil Ivey.

The show also featured host Steve Schirripa from HBO's The Sopranos, model/actress Megan Abrigo, and PokerRoad Radio's Ali Nejad, who serves as the show's "Poker Director" by announcing the blinds and explaining key situations when they occur.

The first two contestants to appear on the show were Jonathan Nygaard and Don Topel, and thus far with one episode in the can, the qualifiers are holding up fairly well under the unique pressure.  One of these qualifiers is already just a single pro away from a million dollar payday, in a match that had to be put on hold until next week's second episode set to air this Saturday, August 8th (9 p.m. EST) on NBC. 

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Story by Mark Anderson

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