APT Challenges Phelps In Open Letter
August 5, 2021

Any gambler who watched last year's Summer Olympics in China would have to agree that swimmer Michael Phelps runs good in Asia, and now it seems the Asian Poker Tour (APT) wants to see if Phelps' Asian fortunes translate to the poker tables.

In an open letter to Phelps, sent by the APT and released today in a press release, the APT once again offered to buy Phelps into the next major upcoming APT event in Macau, where he could potentially compete against such legends as Johnny Chan, J.C. Tran or maybe even our poker playing President Barack Obama, assuming Phelps has some pull and is able to talk him into coming along with him. 

In the obviously somewhat tongue and cheek letter, the APT argues that playing in Macau may be a good way for Phelps to keep "out of trouble," given some of the unfavorable press he has gone through since winning his eight gold medals in Beijing and that Phelps should "forget the controversy" about suit changes in his sport that may give others a competitive advantage and instead worry about suits that matter, namely spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.

At the end of the letter the APT seems to playfully taunt Phelps the way poker players often do when trying to get someone to sit down at the table, wondering aloud "is the newly rejuvenated human dolphin really a fish?"

The Asian Poker Tour Macau Festival is scheduled to run from August 12-23, 2009, at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau.  No word yet as to whether Phelps will accept the challenge and attend.

Story by Mark Anderson

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