Menendez Introduces New Skill Game Legislation
August 6, 2021

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez seemed to be vying for Poker's "Congressman of the Week" today by releasing S.8309- The Internet Poker And Games Of Skill Regulation, Consumer Protection, And Enforcement Act Of 2009.

This new bill, aimed exclusively at games with high percentages of skill and not activities like sports betting or casino gaming, purposes a legislative framework to legalize internet poker while protecting its players and raising much needed revenue.

Although by no means the first such pro-gaming bill to be introduced to Congress, S.8309 has some clear advantages that may help it get farther than many of its counterparts including an opt out clause for states and tribes, tougher punishments for illegal gambling operations that are not licensed, and a specific amount of money set aside each year to help problem gamblers in need.

The introduction of a bill is of course one of the earliest steps down a very long road but already Menendez' bill seems to have made progress and picked up some allies including the million person strong Poker Players Alliance and numerous members of the banking industry, whom many believe are currently unfairly burdened by the flawed Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

Story by Mark Anderson

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