PokerRoad Welcomes Thuy Doan Into The Fold
August 7, 2021

The PokerRoad family just keeps getting bigger and better, and for a perfect case in point check out the most recent addition to our already star filled blogging team, Ms. Thuy Doan.

Thuy, for those not yet in the know, is a young poker player originally from Williamsburg, Virginia, who by most accounts is just beginning her professional poker career. 

Although only 23 years-old, Thuyen already has over $130,000 in live tournament winnings including a fairly deep cash in this year's World Series of Poker Main Event- her third WSOP cash in the last two years.

The beautiful Ms. Doan is a serious online player as well, and can be found playing at the virtual tables under the self-deprecating handle "ShesNoGood."

That choice in screen names gives a hint at Thuy's wry sense of humor and shows why, whether she's "tweeting" on Twitter as the RealThuyDoan, or writing her popular blog, which can now be found here, her style is so engaging.  We're truly happy to welcome her to the team and fairly certain you'll agree with all our reasons why.

To read Thuy Doan's most recent blog, just click here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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