Scott Kerr Claims Top Cash At Final Leg Of This Season's ANZPT
August 10, 2021

Scott Kerr, an Australian card dealer and PokerStars qualifier, recently outlasted a total starting field of 249 players, to take down the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour, Queensland Event- the final stop of ANZPT Season One. 

For the victory, the 21 year-old Kerr earned AUD $168,075 (about $140,500 USD), a fairly handsome return for the $2,500 total buy-in (all of which remarkably went to the prize pool). 

Second place went to New Zealand's Phillip Willcocks, who finally met his end when his Queen-Jack Suited ran into Kerr's Ace-Queen, according to reports from  That slightly weaker kicker basically cost Willcocks over $50,000, as he had to settle for runner-up money, once all five board cards fell.

The final table* finish positions for the ANZPT- Queensland were as follows:

1st.  Scott Kerr- $168,075       

2nd.  Phillip Willcocks- $112,050         

3rd.  Joel Dodd's- $62,250

4th.  Shoshiro Karita- $49,800

5th.  Scott Smith- $40,463

6th.  Danny Joukhadar- $31,125

7th.  Paul Gibson- $21,788

8th.  Lee Fraser- $16,496

*The final table of the event was eight handed due to a double elimination at the end of Day 3.

Story by Mark Anderson

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