Kevin Saul Wins A Gold Jersey
August 11, 2021

PokerRoad's own Kevin "GetPWN3D" Saul, added another major online victory yesterday to his already bloated poker resume, when he successfully took down the eleventh event in Full Tilt Poker's Full Tilt Online Poker Series XIII.

Along with his very own gold FTOPS jersey, the popular blogger earned over $55,000 by securing the win; a large score made possible by over 1,300 players paying $216 each to enter the half Pot-Limit Hold 'em/ half Pot-Limit Omaha event, creating a total prize pool worth $262,000.

Although impressive, this win was no where near the largest score in Kevin Saul's online poker career, in fact it wasn't even his largest FTOPS cash (in 2008's FTOPS IX Saul posted two wins over $100,000, including a second place in Event #17 worth over $165,000) however, it was his first official FTOPS win, according to numerous online poker tracking sites like, and regardless of the money, getting the actual "W" in a respected event like this, has to be sen as something special.

The final table finish positions for Event #11 of FTOPS XIII were as follows:

1st.  GetPWN3D- $57,640.00

2nd.  borrfan- $36,680.00

3rd.  no not baxter- $26,527.50

4th.  Luke L Short- $21,287.50

5th.  ComeonDONKFISH- $16,060.60

6th.  Riverdreamer- $11,790.00

7th.  Alekhinebcn- $7,598.00

8th.  sicklol- $5,502.00

9th.  Beyond Thoughts-  $3,930.00

Story by Mark Anderson

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