Gambling 911 Gets Documents Released
August 11, 2021

Costigan Media, the company behind the popular online gaming news site Gambling 911, after a significant court battle, was able to get the warrants unsealed pertaining to the US government's June seizure of over $30 million in online poker money.

In a New York Circuit Court, Judge Laura Taylor Swain concurred with Costigan's lawyers when they argued there was not enough justification to keep the reasons for the seizures largely unknown and agreed to release the majority of the documents involved in the case with some specific information-like actual names, redacted, according to a recent Gambling 911 story.

With these warrants and other court documents finally available for more detailed media scrutiny, it should now be just a matter of digesting the data before finally getting a clearer picture of the government's seemingly brash recent moves.

Story by Mark Anderson

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