Bike Renovations Should Make The Legends Even Better
August 13, 2021

The next big stop on the World Poker Tour, The Legends of Poker Main Event, is a little over a week away and already excitement is palpable, not only because this is traditionally considered one of the best tournaments of the year but because recent renovations at the Bicycle Casino should make the players more comfortable and happy than ever before.

Topping the list of new changes at The Bike is the brand new Grand Poker Ballroom, the luxurious state-of-the-art centerpiece of the card room's new Event Center, which was recently introduced to the public and the media on July 29th during an elaborate celebration which also served to commemorate the Bicycle Casino's 25th anniversary.  Thanks in part to this huge new Event Center, the Legends of Poker Main Event will only need one Day 1 this year (eliminating the need for all those pesky a,b and c's).

Also joining the Grand Poker Ballroom on the list of fresh Bike features is the recently opened Legends Deli & Grill, a restaurant which offers guests even more food options, whether waiting for a game, enjoying a dinner break, or just wanting to get out of the house to get some food.  With the new Legends Deli & Gril, there's even less reason to ever fell the need to leave this ever expanding Bell Gardens complex.

The Legends of Poker Main Event begins Saturday, August 22nd at 3:00p.m. and should make for a very nice trial under fire for all of these new exciting Bicycle Casino features.  For more information visit

Story by Mark Anderson

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