PokerStars Sunday Million Again Busts Guarantee
August 17, 2021

With the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker just weeks away, the biggest card room on the planet seems poised to break records, at least that is if the turnout for their regular big tournaments are any indication.  Close to 8,000 players signed up for yesterday's weekly PokerStars Sunday Million, once again easily crushing the $1,500,000 posted guarantee by more than $70,000.

Thanks to the substantial prize pool, the August 16th Sunday Million paid 1,170 places and had a top first prize worth $235,890.01- over a thousand times the initial $215.00 buy-in. 

The winner of the event, "HectorPva" didn't make quite that much- cutting a deal when play reached three handed- but still managed to walk away with $195,924.51, according to a recent wrap-up from

Second place's "Chicagoali," earned almost as much, $179,055.79, as he was the clear chip leader when the deal was made.

The final table finish positions for the PokerStars Sunday Million (8/16/09), were as follows:

1st.  HectorPva- $195,924.51*?

2nd.  chicagoali- $179,055.79*?

3rd.  ParisTilt0n- $151,840.73*?

4th. Slims- $79,259.05?

5th.  KJB11- $62,904.01?

6th.  a2z1to3- $47,178.01?

7th.  mertge- $31,452.01?

8th.  umacorso- $18,084.91?

9th.  PedrinhoxX- $12,187.66

*Prize totals reflect final table deal.

Story by Mark Anderson

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