Adrien Allain Aces APT Macau
August 24, 2021

Frances Adrien Allain, a 23 year-old online player, took down the Macau stop of the 2009 Asian Poker Tour (APT) over the weekend earning himself a top prize worth HK$3,035,000 (close to $392,000 USD).

To secure the title Allain, whose previous largest score was an online win for around $8,000, according to the APT's official site (, had to beat out over 300 competitors and emerge victorious over a final table that held among others David Steicke, Casy Kastle and J.C. Tran- a feat he was somehow able to accomplish despite being easily outmatched in experience, having gotten into the event through a $5.00 online satellite.

Tran, a member of the so-called "Poker Pack," fought hard throughout the event but was unable to exceed third place money in the Matt Savage directed tournament.

The final table finish positions for the 2009 Asian Poker Tour- Macau main event, were as follows:

1st.  Adrien Allain- HK$3,035,000

2nd.  Inwook Choi- HK$1,660,000

3rd.  J.C. Tran- HK$910,510

4th.  David Steicke- HK$708,300

5th.  Chris Chau- HK$506,000

6th.  Michael Woo- HK$404,800

7th.  Christer Hallberg- HK$303,600

8th.  Winfred Yu- HK$202,400

9th.  Casey Kastle- HK$131,500

Story by Mark Anderson

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